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If you are someone who has always wanted to learn how to play the cello, your first step is to COMMIT. Many people learn to play the cello as an adult. It's entirely achievable when you set realistic goals and follow a sequential curriculum.


CLICK the "Become a Member" button at the bottom of the page and follow the steps. If it isn't the right fit for you, just press the "cancel" button. No hidden fees. Now you are on your way to learning how to play the cello!


START your cello journey by exploring the vast collection of step-by-step video tutorials, interactive online music studies and a unique music curriculum. Learn in your home at YOUR pace. Cello Discovery also works as a great supplement to your in-person cello lessons.


MEET others in our community forum who are discovering (or rediscovering) the cello. Share your videos, ideas and challenges with other cello enthusiasts. Post your progress, cheer each other on or simply ask questions!


$20/month Introductory Special Price - Limited Time Only!

We're celebrating the launch of Cello Discovery with a special introductory price of $20/month for as long as you're a member with us!

Scholarships available for those students living outside US, Canada, Australia, Western Europe. Please contact info@cellodiscovery.com